Structural Changes in Your Soul
(Detailing the next 12 months of your life)





This Spiritual Roadmap reading provides forecasts and insights into the next twelve months of your life.  This will be accomplished by reviewing the “structural changes”
which are occurring within your soul (unconscious mind). These structural changes are reflected in the “progressed” movement of the planets away from the positions they held at the moment of  your birth.

These progressed movements of your birth planets reflect a slow and gradual
change taking place within you. These slow changes indicate a shift in consciousness and show where you will seek new experiences, thus showing where you can expect new events to unfold in your life. Just what these experiences will be will be shown by the particular planets that are receiving the greatest influences.

Those planets in your chart which have the greatest significance for the year
ahead can take on several of influences. Some or all may apply in your reading.

1) A Dominant Planet: The major planetary influence in your life for the next year and
     the departments of life affected.
2) A Retrograde Planet turning Direct: A repression of a particular urge,
       or expression, is finally released to reach new levels of awareness.
3) A Planet Direct going Retrograde: A new and deeper emotional investment
       in a particular department of  life.
4) A Planet entering a New Sign (0 degrees): A challenge to express a
      a part of your nature in a new and unfolding way.
5) A Planet reaching the end of a sign (29degrees): Indicates an area of life where       you have come to the end of the line and a major transition is required.
6)  Inspirational Re-orientation: A very harmonious opportunity entering your life
        and NOW is the time to take advantage of this influence.  
7) An in-depth review of any possible “Event Points” to identify a particular area within
    your life that defines a major event for you every time a major planet moves through
   this point.                             

This reading will provide you with excellent insight into the next twelve months of your life. In particular providing help with decisions in life that will affect your future.


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