Patterns of Spiritual Growth


This Spiritual Roadmap Reading celebrates an event that occurs every year on
when the Sun returns to the position of the zodiac it occupied when you were born. Since your birth the planets have moved, a new chart forms every year on your birthday, revealing the trends for the next twelve months of your life. This chart indicates the Patterns of Spiritual Growth you will experience.

Your Patterns of Spiritual Growth Reading, prepared by R.W. Baldwin,
provides you the opportunity to discover:

  • Where your prosperity and good luck will appear this year
  • The Major Decisions you will face and how to best resolve them.
  • Your Inner Spiritual Changes and how these will lift you over potential difficulties.
  • External Changes in your life and the departments of life which will be affected.
  • The Opportunity to CUT OUT a negative element in your life and where it will appear.
  • Your Point of Destiny where God is in charge. Let it go.
  •  In addition Mr. Baldwin will review any possible influences that are a Pull of
       the Past and how these can impact your future.

This particular technique of prediction has been researched by Mr. Baldwin
since 1976. Very few Astrologers today use this technique due to its ancient
roots. However, the presentation and the manner in which the planetary energies preview your future are available nowhere else except through Mr. Baldwin’s extensive research spanning more than 30 years in this technique of prediction.
This reading is available
BY PHONE- Call (214-642-7787)
price $75.00 Paid in advance of reading date.
IN PERSON Call(214-642-7787) In Richardson or Dallas office
price $75.00 Pay $25.00  in advance $50.00 due at reading.





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