This program is a comprehensive introduction to the subject of using
planetary positions at birth to diagnose and treat various emotional
and psyche problems of an individual. Advanced Hermetic concepts
will be used to guide you through a detailed explanation  of
the structure of the soul and how it functions.

Certainly no individual would choose a Medical professional to heal their
Physical body if that individual had only a “sketchy” understanding of the
physical body.  Correspondingly the ability to diagnose emotional and psychic
problems existing within the astral body of an individual is in direct proportion
to the knowledge and understanding of the Astral Body .
This course explains various complex elements which make up the
Astral Body and how they function. The four major components
of the Astral Body will  be analyzed in detail to include:

Stellar Cells- The physical body is composed of cells and the Astral body is also composed of cells-ASTRAL CELLS                 
Part one will involve an in depth explanation of the formation of Astral Cells
which contain the historical record of all experiences of an individual and a visual
look at the levels of functioning of the various cells. To Include:

  • Survival or Primal level of function
  • Human rational level of function
  • Higher Astral level of function
  • Spiritual / Ideals level of function

Stellar Zones- Stellar Zones are the evolutionary dimension of the Astral Body
which indicate the orientation of consciousness of the individual. Knowing
the corresponding Stellar Zone will aid in determining where in the physical
body certain diseased cell can manifest.

Stellar Compartments-Stellar Compartments are the mundane life experiences
built and stored into the stellar anatomy, which include financial, career, relationship
 family experiences etc.

Stellar Compounds- Stellar Compounds are the dimension of the Stellar Body that
describe how the individual’s experiences (Stellar Cells) have united (combined)
to form either harmonious or discordant associations which lead to
positive and negative life experiences.
This part of the course will explain the quickest way to diagnose diseased or
severe malfunction of Stellar Cells. This will include:

Stellar System analysis. Each Stellar Cell is a part of a Stellar System or network
How to review and analyze each system and identify the three major systems which are

  • Power Stellar Network (system)
  • Harmony Stellar Network (system)          
  • Discordant Stellar Network (system)

After diagnosing which part of the Astral Body needs healing then we will
discuss the three methods of healing which uses the process of re-association
to activate the healing process. The methods are
1) Counteractive Astral Agents  
2) Inspirational Re-Orientation
3) Harmonious Astral Convergence
In addition a detailed explanation will be given of how to use attunement
procedures and meditation to prepare the healer to activate the astral forces within themselves so they maybe better communicate to the patient for healing.     

For those individuals who seek healing for themselves or others this is the
program you will want to attend.

Join us for Stellar Healing Diagnosis and Treatment




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