Stellar Signatures


This program describes the divine characteristics you were endowed with
at the moment of your Spiritual Birth and how these influences will
guide your soul’s destiny through the various planes of existence.

The divine characteristics you have been given will be explained by
Stellar Signatures. These Signatures reveal that you have been given a
Dominant Energy (a signature) which will be a part of your soul and
Consciousness throughout time. 

Also we will analyze the seven (7) major dominant vibrations and assist you in understanding your own Signature and the role this will play in your soul’s work and contribution to humanity . 

Also we will discuss the significance of the following Hermetic principles
to better understand your spiritual destiny.

  • Spiritual Parents (Spiritual DNA)
  • Dominant Vibration
  • Cycle of Necessity (Planes of experience)
  • Astrological Signatures
  • A Trinity / The Soul Mate dynamic

In addition we will discuss the various planes of experiences your soul will pass through, to include:
1) Divine
2) Celestial
3) Spiritual
4) Astral
5) Human and sub-human.


This program is steeped in Hermetic Philosophy and provides a big picture of your soul’s journey and ultimate destiny. With this knowledge you will better understand your specific role in God’s evolutionary plan and the
struggles and opportunities you will experience based on the position of the planets at birth.


Join us for Stellar Signatures our Divine Origins    




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