Spiritual Power Signs


Spiritual Power Symbols

Astrology is a language of symbols and a greater understanding
of the symbols used in this craft  will provide a deeper spiritual grasp
of oneself and others.

Although basically simple the symbols of the various elements of an
Astrological chart are usually ignored by most students so they can get
to the meaning of a particular placement in their chart. In addition students
can spend much time reading text books when knowing how to read the
symbols will provide deeper understanding and spiritual insight into
their own soul as well as others.

This program breaks down the various symbolic elements which make up an
Astrological chart. 

Part I: Will describe the three main elements which make up a
           Planetary symbol. Also an analysis of these elements and just how
           they are influencing your own life and spiritual development.

Part II: Will analyze the symbolic representation of all the Signs of the
             Zodiac and view them in your own chart.

Part III The symbolic interpretation of all the Planetary Aspects and
             their influence in your own chart.

In summary a review of a variety group of astrological charts and a look
at the following branches of astrology:
           1) Mundane (world events)
           2) Horary
           3) Weather Predicting
           4) Stellar Healing  
           5)  Stellar Signatures


This summary will show each participant how the understanding of the symbols
will open up entirely new insights into the Power of Astrological symbols.

Join us for The Spiritual Power of Symbols




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