Your Soul Revealed


Your Soul Revealed Hermetic Astrology

This program reveals just what your soul is and the extensive journey it
has passed through within the lower kingdoms of life. We will explore
the role your soul’s experiences have played in your present state of
consciousness and your future destiny.

The introductory phase of this program will have special appeal to all
participants who have had pets or who feel a special affinity towards animals.

This course helps lay the foundation for a comprehensive understanding
of the spiritual dimension of Hermetic Astrology.

With the positions of the planets at birth this program will:

  • REVEAL: Your Soul, what it is and the “energies” directing your soul
    on its evolutionary journey.
  • REVEAL: The strongest compelling force activating your soul to express
    certain aptitudes and talents.
  • REVEAL: The most harmonious energies activating your soul and the areas of life in which this good luck and fortune will appear.
  • REVEAL: The discordant energies activating your soul and the departments of of life where  difficult experiences may occur.
  • REVEAL: The energies directing your soul to experience various types of relationships and environments over and over again and an interpretation of these reccurring themes as opportunities to fulfill your soul’s unique destiny.





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