New Levels of Spiritual Awareness

Taking a page from the Ancient Alchemist’s handbook, but substituting
Life Experiences for the Metals used, this program reveals how your own life
experiences provide the ingredients for you to build a spiritual body
capable of reaching new levels of spiritual awareness to help you realize
your greatest aspirations.

Applying the Law of Correspondence you will see how each planetary
energy corresponds to a particular life experience and learn of the seven
major life experiences you will pass through during this lifetime.
In addition, you will understand why you will attract more of one type
of experience than another.

Also applying the Law of Correspondence we will look
at the actual metals used by the ancients and see how they are connected
to the various life experiences and planetary energies.
To include: 1) Gold  2) Silver 3) Mercury  4)  Tin  5) Lead  6) Copper 7) Iron 

You will also discover the importance of seeking out those types of experiences
necessary to realize your soul’s destiny. In addition you will see how to balance,
integrate and purify your life experiences so you can ultimately become the
person it takes to achieve your goals.

In closing, we will review some famous historical figures and how they
used their experiences by facing them to realize their great potential and as a
result we as a society have benefited greatly.

Without question this is the most challenging program to those individuals who
feel they are on a quest for spiritual knowledge and wisdom.
Join us for New Levels of Spiritual Awareness.  






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