Healing Through Music


Healling Through Music, Hermetic Astrology


Listening to the sounds of the masters will set the stage for you to hear
and see how the planets positions at your birth actually have you respond
(tune in) to some types of music more favorably than others.

This program presents one of the most pleasant ways to understand the
meaning of the different planetary energies and how they express in the
various types of classical music and correspondingly how these energies
express in your own life both in a harmonious and discordant way.

This most inspiring program will also provide an opportunity to identify
various types of music , some of which will actually assist with personal healing
and creativity. In addition you will learn how you can use music as a healing
antidote to help dissolve mental blocks and release stress.

The program will introduce:

  1. Seven notes= Musical scale
  2. Combination of Notes=Musical composition
  3. Musical composition=7 types of music
  4. 7 types of music (energy)=7 Major planetary energies
  5. Classical Compositions – The Seven Planets (Holst)

In addition, for those participants who are practitioners involved in healing and
who would like to learn how to use music as a means of a healing agent to
assist in healing their patients, an introductory  ‘practitioners” segment
will be presented for those individuals at the end of the program.
Without question this program has the greatest emotional response from participants than any other program. 

Join us for Music and Healing.






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