This program traces the ancient Hermetic traditions of healing
to the Pharaoh Akhenaten(+) of Egypt. Writings describe Akhenaten as
an Hermetic initiate and an individual who understood the concepts
of stellar healing before the invention of radio and how it
uses various frequencies to transmit signals around the world.

Akhenaten’s healing technique was similar to radio in that the Sun
and planets transmit their own unique qualities or frequencies. When
we effectively “tune into” these energies we can transmit this force
to another and activate the healing process.

Phase I of this program will point out the importance of understanding
your Stellar Anatomy. In addition, the program explains how
to quickly diagnose problems within the finer body through
the use of Astral Pictures *

Phase II of the program will introduce three Hermetic healing methods:
           1) Counter active Astral Agents
           2) Inspirational re-orientation
           3) Harmonious Astral Convergence

Phase III of the program will navigate you through your own Astral Body
and interpret where you will experience areas of difficulty and discord
and provide the three Hermetic means of healing. This will
provide you with the spiritual tools to dissolve conditioned patterns of thought
which serve as major obstacles to realizing your spiritual objectives.

In addition, and just as important we will review the
elements of your character, which will bring the greatest good fortune into
your life, showing how this can be used as a healing agent within the dynamics
your finer form.

This is the most detailed analysis of the soul (based on the
 Hermetic teachings of Akhenaten), ever presented in one program.
Join us for Healing of Akhenaten


+ Akehenaten ruled 1350-1334 18th Dynasty
*Astral Pictures, R.W. Baldwin author (Hermetic Minister)




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