Esoteric Psychology

This program embraces an entire system of interpreting the hidden
forces (energies) which account for the various types of constructive and
destructive human behaviors. Beginning with the understanding of
one’s Astral Body (unconscious mind) as a system or network of
“energy distribution” and the understanding of this energy and how
it is harmoniously or discordantly circulated throughout the system.

The program will include the identification of those energies within
your soul which “generate” and “attract” events that are both
constructive and destructive in nature. Also included are the keys to unlocking
the constructive flow of energy and how to use its momentum to override
negative elements within your system.

Using your birth chart we will explore many of the analytical concepts
of Esoteric Psychology finding possible expression in your own life,
these will include:

  • The Astral Body “system”
  • Energy Distribution
  • A Cellular Seizure (Temporary & Permanent)
  • A Cellular Rupture
  • Hierarchy of Values                                                          
  • Soul Allegiances
  • Pleasure and Pain
  • Symbols, energy of the soul

In addition we will view behavior of individuals that have been barbaric,
inscrutable as well as heroic and inspirational. With these charts as models we will discover the link between the soul (Astral Body) and human behavior.


This program will underscore the complexity of human behavior and the realization that only through cultivation of intuitive faculties can insights and healing methods be developed that can assist in curing potentially personal and socially destructive forms of behavior.

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