Awakening Creative Forces Astral Cell

Based on the stellar wisdom this program navigates you into the realm of your
 “Spiritual Birth” and how your soul was endowed with a particular energy to fulfill a
special Part in God’s plan and how you can awaken and bring this creative force
(energy)  into more complete expression into your life.

We will review not only the concept of your unconscious mind
but we will also look at your collective unconscious which contains all
the creative patterns of expression both in the past and the future.

Awakening the creative forces of our unconscious will involve a Three Part process
which will assist you to realize your greatest creative potential.

This Three part process involves the following three phases

  Phase I The Identification of your spiritual Nature
  Phase II The Realization of your true spiritual nature
  Phase III The Actualization of your true spiritual nature

Phase I will assist you in understanding the concept of the Seven Spiritual Energies
of which only one corresponds to your creative expression, based on the Hermetic teachings. These ideals will help you establish within yourself a sense of spiritual identity and singular focus so you can identify your creative path.

Phase II Will begin to build the links between your spiritual nature and the
realization that your identity has a practical manifestation in the real world.
This will allow you to see that you have a special work and service to
humanity to share.

Phase III Lays down the practical steps you can take to actualize your true
spiritual nature and ultimately awaken your creative forces and give your
utmost to universal welfare.


This program will astrologically review the charts of famous people in the fields of
Writing, Psychology, Art, Religion and Philosophy to assist you in understanding
your Astrological chart and the creative work you were destined to achieve.

Join us for Awakening the Creative Forces of your Unconscious. 




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