Atlantis: Cradle of the Stellar Wisdom


Atlantis map

This fascinating program will take you on a quest to Plato’s
Lost continent of Atlantis to discover an ancient
form of Stellar Divination which, when correctly deciphered,
provides a spiritual roadmap to your destiny and
spiritual well being today.

Applying this ancient Wisdom you will learn of the
“trinity” of Constellations present over the longitude
and latitude of your birthplace.  From this alignment
 you will discover insights into the spiritual journey
your soul will pass through during this earthly sojourn..

You will also learn where on the world map the seven colonies of
Atlantis settled to disseminate the ancient wisdom of Astrology.
In addition you will discover Deity’s instruction for humanity
contained within the thirty-six (36) major constellations.

Using this ancient wisdom you will discover
that the meaning associated with the constellations
in the sky are actually projections of archetypal thought forms
in the ancients minds, which exist today within our own psyche
More importantly we will learn how the stars and archetypes play
a significant role in the development of our character, personality
and ultimate destiny.

This program will review the works of Plato, Edgar Cayce,
Ignatius Donnelly, T.H. Burgoyne, and Lewis Spence
and review their contributions on the subject of Atlantis.    

This is the most unique and personally inspiring program ever
presented on Atlantis and Astrology, join us for
Atlantis: Cradle of the Stellar Wisdom






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