Ancient Masons - the Astrologers

This intriguing program reveals that the current day Freemasons use rituals
and symbols which are actually part of a more distant past of Masons,
The Ancient Masons who constructed Rituals, Symbols and Practices
from Astrological correspondences.

With the symbols of Masonry displayed this program describes from the
actual opening of the Lodge , from The Master Mason, Junior Deacon,
Senior Deacon, Secretary, Junior Warden, Senior Warden, Treasurer
and Tyler all have their correspondence and function unmistakeningly
linked to the seven planetary energies.

This program will also analyze the symbols of the Gavel, 12 inch Gauge/24” Rule
and see  their roots in astrological symbolism. In addition
the 90 degree square and 60 degree compass will ring loud and clear to astrological students as planetary aspects in any astrological chart.

Based on Astrological Correspondences you will learn of the various degrees
of  progress within the Ancient Masons, to include. E.A. Entered Apprentice
Degree (Man’s Physical Plane). Fellow Craft Degree (Astral Plane)
Master Masons Degree (Spiritual Plane).
In addition understanding 7 Rays of Solar Spectrum—7 Tones of Musical Scale-
7 Types of Celestial power and why all need to be present for life on
earth to find complete expression.

Most importantly participants will see the profound influence of these
Rituals and Symbols as significant points in a soul’s journey and thus
Serve as a Spiritual Road Map to greater spiritual attainment.

Join us for Ancient Masons (the Astrologers)







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