Atlantis Reading




This is a most unique and inspiring reading which will take you back
to the Lost Continent of Atlantis. The reading uncovers an ancient form of Stellar Divination which, when properly deciphered, provides you with a Spiritual Roadmap leading to the realization of your most treasured ideals.
Applying this ancient Wisdom, you will learn of the“Trinity” of Constellations present over the longitude and latitude of your birthplace. From this alignmentyou will discover insights into the spiritual journey your soul will pass through during this earthly sojourn.

Mr. Baldwin will decipher your Spiritual Trinity and Reveal:

  1. Your Constellation of Spiritual Potential.
    This placement will describe your innermost character traits and describe how, when properly activated, this constellation brings a significant clarity as to your spiritual direction and destiny during your lifetime.
  2. Your Constellation of Life Experiences.
    This placement will describe the type of experiences (relationships) you will encounter that will energize and awaken your Spiritual Potential and Ideals.   
  3. Your Constellation of the Material World.
    This placement will analyze the specific physical environments ie., educational,
    Business and creative that will assist you in realizing your greatest Spiritual Potential and Ideals.

In this reading Mr. Baldwin will uncover that the meanings associated with these constellations in your chart are actually projections of archetypal thoughts  in the mind of the ancient people of Atlantis and beyond.  These images and forces exist today within your own psyche, and you will learn how the stars and archetypes play a significant role in the development of your character and realization of your most treasured ideals.

**There is a prerequisite for this one reading. You will need to have completed The Structural Changes in your Soul Reading to purchase this service.

Atlantis Reading

This reading is available
BY PHONE- Call (214-642-7787)
price $100 Paid in advance prior to reading date.
IN PERSON Call(214-642-7787)
price $100. Pay $40  in advance, balance due at reading.




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