About R.W. Baldwin

R.W. Baldwin is a Detroit, Michigan native whose Astrological work spans more than 40 years. While working at the World’s Fair in New York in 1965, he met someone who introduced him to Astrology. Since that life-changing event, Mr. Baldwin has appeared on TV talk shows, written articles for several publications, and spoken to organizations and groups throughout the USA.

Mr. Baldwin has received numerous certifications and advanced degrees in the Hermetic sciences in Astrology and Alchemy. In addition, his college work encompasses extensive work in Jungian studies and archetypes. He has also served on the board of directors for several Metaphysical organizations. Mr. Baldwin established a network of Astrology study groups and programs in Columbus, Ohio, and he was founder and director of the Hermetic Center for Spiritual Studies in Dallas, Texas. In addition, he established the Hermetic studies program at the Metaphysical Center in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Currently Mr. Baldwin offers personal Spiritual Roadmap readings, and complete Hermetic Educational programs, through his Dallas & Richardson, Texas classrooms. His other services include personal mentoring programs, with professional certifications available in the Hermetic Sciences. He also is working on book on Hermetic Astrology and continues to travel to share both his insights into the ancient wisdom and how it impacts our lives today.

Roger Baldwin, Hermetic Astrologer



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